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The Cardwell Newsagency, owned by Phil and Lisa, has gone through some extensive changes over the years since the end of 2013. From a shop expansion to a wide range of gifts/souvenirs, we can guarantee we have everything you want.

Cardwell is a small town right on the beachfront between Cairns and Townsville. Because of our location, we saw the opportunity to expand our products from stationary, newspapers and lotto to include toys, gifts and souvenirs. We have done our best to make this a one stop shop; we have everything covered no matter the occasion!

Over the years, the toys section has increased significantly and now includes a fantastic range for kids of all ages. We have a selection of board games, magazines, stuffed animals and even $2 specials. This section gets updated regularly and constantly on the lookout for new items. But this isn’t the only section that has gotten an upgrade. We now stock a large range of party supplies including balloons, candles, party hats etc.

Along with the party supplies, we have a massive range of cards stocked for any occasion and holiday. Looking for a present? We are frequently adding new gifts and Cardwell souvenirs. Now we have a vast selection including stubby coolers, jewellery, photo frames and more. Supplied by John Sands, we also stock wrapping paper and gift bags including special occasion ones during the holiday periods.

As any other newsagency, our main stock includes stationary, magazines and lotto. We have everything you need stationary wise, whether you need to stock up your child’s school supplies or chasing artistic materials. If you’re just passing through and looking for something to pass the time, we have a broad range of magazines from food recipes and puzzle books to motoring and sports.

Our friendly staff are always here to help and don’t be afraid to ask any questions. If you need something ordered, you need only ask.

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